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The legend continues ...


„Lancelot – one of the Knights of the Round Table from the Artus-Legend has the breath of the inevitability of fate“ – so a well-known quotation from the literature ... Is there a new spirituality in German loudspeaker construction with the appearance of the speaker of Elixir Loudspeakers of the same name? How often should highend specialist already experience seismographic snapshots in and during demonstrations, where the manufacturers spoke with flowery words of the longing for the absolute sound in the reproduction on the part of their passive loudspeakers – and how often was it in practice only the following cold awakening from a deceptive dream ...?

Always different

The Elixir Lancelot, which has always been designed in Corian, designed optically this time quite deliberately as a concrete-oriented „gray mouse“, gives a strong appearance in the direction of the usually aesthetically motivated and mostly color-sensitive freelance taste. The 200 kg weight per piece (!) you can see it with a housing size of 131 cm height (including Soundcare Superspikes of the type Jupiter), 33 cm width and 49 cm in depth now really not. Up to three centimeters thick walls make this invisible weight invisible. The loudspeaker is also located on a 7 cm high base – there are four heavy load rollers, so the installation is uncritical. Angled into the listening position, the Lancelot play well and create a sound image, which stands detached from the speakers rock solid in the room. The equipment with the most significant Accuton chassis clearly points to Elixir‘s claim. It is well-known that these chassis are merciless in their sound development and whenever a loudspeaker manufacturer uses these chassis and as a result it does not sound absolutely open / free and harmonious, he simply did not manage to fit his design perfectly. This is actually the case in the hi-fi scene: manufacturers, which let Accuton carry out their switch, it would never admit of course ... At Elixir-Loudspeakers, something like this does not happen. Here one has recognized the high requirements of the Accuton chassis and act correspondingly consistent.


Relentlessly, components are used, which were – among others – manufactured for Elixir according to their specifications. Exemplary we name the 10 μF capacitors manufactured by Intertechnik for Elixir (these are the „comrades“ – comparable to the format of a sauerkraut preserve – in the image of the frequency crossover is a commonly used type as a guideline). Total of 8 pieces of these capacitors, made from full copper, are found per switch, the potting process of which alone lasts for several hours. The coils are from Tritec; before the switches are installed, they come to an ultrasound bath for cleaning. They are then stored on rubber buffers and fitted with self-locking nuts in the housing. Such a fastidious processing I have – frankly – not yet experienced. But Stefan Weber and Wolfgang Gehbauer are pursuing their own, merciless, quality-oriented concept with Elixir-Loudspeakers, which adds up. The smaller Elixir Merlin (see HS 33) already serves as the ultimate reference monitor in a renowned recording studio, whose time for mixing is considerably reduced due to the slag-free playback quality with this loudspeaker.

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