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Two-way monitor speaker Merlin by ELIXIR-Loudspeakers


A world of difference ...


A fresh face enters the slippery dance floor of High End Audio: Equipped with lots of guts and confidence Stefan Weber and Wolfgang Gehbauer take on the challenge to create more than „just another speaker”. To do so, you must have something special up your sleeve. So what’s their secret? Well, the Merlin speakers – and their bigger siblings – are built using Corian®. And not just the front panel is made of the mineral material patented by DuPont™ but the entire cabinet, that is. Corian® is unbelievably chameleonic in its use which ranks from cladding cover panels to kitchen work plates. Now we can add loudspeaker housings to the list, making these speakers as consequently built as expensive. So as an exclusive first presentation we will now take a close look at the ELIXIR Merlin.

Materials and the idea behind

Corian® as the basic material is a non-porous substance boasting an easy-to-clean, dirt-repellent, massive surface. Solid-colored, durable, renewable and non-allergenic, Corian® is an acrylic-bound mineral material which in conjunction with the glue used shows a low VOC value (Volatile Organic Compound) and is non-toxic to humans. As far as colors are concerned: Almost every imaginable color can be realized.

Only the best available components were on the list of the recipe for this exceptional „High End Audio” meal. To mention a few ingredients: The drivers were selected from the well-respected Accuton range, the crossover network impresses with its fine and therefore expensive parts and the overall workmanship and finish seems to be out of this world. Extraordinarily!



These extreme efforts in construction and production quality automatically result in these speakers being part of the top High End range. Stuff like this doesn’t come right off the shelf so it can’t be had for cheap money.

Every pair of Elixir loudspeakers will be delivered by its makers personally - worldwide. Even more: The Merlins are equipped with a life-long guarantee by Elixir-Loudspeakers. At least I haven’t heard of anything comparable in High End Audio yet ...


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